Robert W Calhoun PhD

Licensed Psychologist


Typical office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9am to 5pm.  I try to hold a few open hours every week so folks can get in within a week or sooner if necessary.  Sessions usually last 55 to 60 minutes.  You can make appointments by calling the office phone (970-493-8006 x108) and leaving a message, or by emailing me at


Payment for services is ultimately your responsibility. As a service to you, I am happy to submit the necessary forms to your insurance carrier reflecting services rendered. I am a Medicare provider.  Most insurance coverage does provide for out of network services.  Please check with your insurance provider to see what is covered.

What you can expect:

Although the counseling takes place in my office, I see myself as always the guest who is invited into your private life.  As a good guest, I deeply respect your perspective and needs and treat your sharing with me with confidentiality. 

How many appointments you ultimate make with me is always your call.  This will depend, of course, on the severity of the issue, finances, and how quickly we achieve your goals for therapy.  Frequency of visits also is your call.  I usually like to start weekly, but often folks will move to a every other week schedule, and perhaps, once a month or periodic schedule as their needs change.  An immediate crisis may call for a couple of appointments in a week with our work wrapping up in just a few sessions.  Therapy is not meant to last forever.  The goal is to do your work, learn necessary tools and gain helpful insights, and get back to leading your life in a confident and self-led manner. 

My job is to assist you in clarifying your work, keep you focused on it, push you past the comfortable/familiar place in which you may be stuck, and help you come to know yourself at a deeper level and in a more compassionate way.  Your job is to be courageous in embracing your self and facing your life as you are living it and to make the changes necessary to live more the life you desire to live.

Successful counseling to a large extent is about having the right 'fit' between therapist and client.  I am open to a free introductory 20 minute meeting to give us the chance to meet each other.